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Myths related to Skin Care

Skin CareHello guys,

Through this post I would like to draw people’s attention to skin care, it’s importance and to provide accurate information about it. I would like to tackle a few myths regarding this topic.

1. Skincare is only for ladies.

You could not be farther away from the truth if you are one of those who think skincare is only meant for ladies. Men’s skin is far tougher and stronger than women’s skin but one must keep in mind that men tend to be more outdoors as compared to most of us. So in my opinion, it is more important for men to take care of their skins because of much more exposure to sun, pollution, oil, and dirt, etc

2. Skincare is time-consuming.

Actually what seems like a lengthy process in written takes just about 5 mins in practice.

3. Skincare is expensive.

Skincare products can be as expensive or as reasonable as you want them to. Yes, I will agree that some of the expensive products are much more effective than other slightly cheap ones but that doesn’t mean that the lesser-priced products have nothing to offer.

4. Skincare should be started when you start aging.

This is like saying that one should eat good food only when you start getting sick. A good skincare routine ensures that your skin is hydrated and moisturized at all times which leads to the delayed aging process. Skincare should be started as early in life as possible, the only difference would be the kind of products one uses as a kid, as an adolescent or as an adult.

5. Skincare should be followed if you want a fair complexion (typical Indian thought).

 As I have mentioned earlier, skincare routine is a step-wise process of cleaning, toning and treating your skin with moisturizers and serums that tackle all types skin problems. So, everyone must follow a skincare routine meant for their skin type. A thorough skin analysis should be done to determine your skin type and then a personalized routine is designed that will benefit your skin and tackle whatever problem you face like wrinkles, dark circles, uneven comp lesion, dullness, etc.

6. Skincare is for people who do not have good skin

Following a skincare routine even when you have good skin is like exercising even when you are fit. Your genetics has a significant role to play in the quality of your skin, however, there is no reason not to follow a skincare routine. To make your skin look and feel healthy, it needs water, nutrients, proper sleep and pollution-free environment, chemical-free food, etc. A skincare routine could be as quick or as elaborate as your skin demands.

7. I don’t need moisturizers because my skin is oily

You need an oil-free moisturizer if you have oily skin. Some moisturizers are a gel and water-based that provides hydration to the skin and they should definitely be used because they act as a barrier from the dirt and pollution in the environment and at the same time giving the necessary hydration to the skin that the sebum (oil secreted by the body) does not.

8. Using too many products harm the skin

Using the wrong products definitely harm the skin.

Skin Care for Men
Skin Care for Men

Skincare is as important for us as a good diet and exercise are for healthy living. If you spend 5-10 minutes daily in taking care of your skin, it goes a long way. Secondly, the money you end up spending on cosmetologists and dermatologists gets significantly reduced. Secondly, a regular skincare routine reduces your visits to the salon for treatments and facials. If you get a facial once in a month till you are 30, by following a skincare routine that can be reduced to once in 2 months max and that is also money saved right?

In my next post, I will be discussing a good skincare routine.

hope this information bursts a few bubbles 🙂


Tanvi KG

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4 years ago

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