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The most beautiful phase of your journey as a couple is to create and capture candid moments together before you are bonded forever in holy matrimony. Couple Photography has gained immense popularity in recent times. Pre wedding makeup and couple makeup depends upon the style or theme of the entire shoot, therefore having the perfect makeup artist for the bride and the groom is a must.

Tanvi KG specializes in theme based photo shoots. She assists the couple and photographer in achieving the desired look for their pictures. This in turn has made her the best in her work. Tanvi is an experienced and the best makeup artist in Chandigarh. She deals in other forms of makeup as well. Tanvi hold expertise in Bridal Makeup, Editorial Makeup, Movie makeup and also Fashion Makeup.

Take on Pre Wedding Makeup

Makeup and Hairstyle can make or break a pre-wedding photo-shoot. The shoots usually last 2-3 days with around 4 costume and location changes. Having an experienced Makeup Artist around is a wise investment. This is because of the minimal editing effort required by the photographer which minimizes the hassle for the bride to be in terms of packing a large vanity case and trying to change her makeup often. The location and lighting are tremendously important in a Photo shoot. With Tanvi by your side, you won’t have to worry about the color of your blusher and the type of foundation etc.

Putting a couple’s vision in a frame is an emotional and heartwarming experience. The looks decided by the couple range from vintage to abstract and for some classic black & white, etc. Tanvi KG‘s work brings such varied themes to life and her knowledge of the exact style of makeup and hair makes the photos look timeless and theme appropriate.

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