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Benefits of Scrubbing




Hi all,
I sincerely hope that after my last post on ‘Introduction to Skincare” some of you have started being particular about your skin. A lot of times during my classes ladies ask me the need for scrubbing. I shall tell you this in detail.

In simple language, the scrub is basically a face wash with granules of different nature mixed in. Why do we need these granules? we need them to remove the dead skin cells and any other impurities from the surface of the skin. When you massage your face for 2-3 minuted with a scrub, because of it’s grainy texture, the upper layer of the skin gets cleaned of the impurities, therefore, giving you a cleaner and smooth appearance.

Scrubbing & it’s Benefits

Like any other product, a scrub is also specific to skin type. Scrubs for pimple prone skin tend to be harsher than scrubs for people with dry skins. Scrubs meant for men are also slightly grainier than the ones meant for ladies. An important thing to keep in mind if never to apply too much pressure on the face while scrubbing as it will make the skin red and sensitive.

Over-scrubbing (more than twice a week or applying too much pressure) makes the skin appear red and makes it more sensitive to sun damage as well. Middle-aged people should avoid scrubbing more than once a week as the skin tends to get thinner as you age and over-scrubbing will make it look flushed. Using a scrub cloth or sponge with a scrub also tends to be harsh on the skin so best is to apply a scrub on your fingertips and GENTLY massage your face.

A scrub can be used maximum 3 times a week depending on your skin type and exposure. For instance, People whose work takes them outdoors can scrub thrice a week. Those who stay mainly indoors can scrub once or twice a week for the best results. Remember, you don’t get fair by scrubbing yourself frequently. Use a scrub to remove then dead skin cells and stress off the face and look fresh 🙂


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