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Colours represent so many things to us. They represent occasions, emotions and culture. What fascinates me is that how our society/religion/family influences our perception of colour. So, I have decided to do a colour series for you all. The first colour that I would like to talk about is one of my all-time favourites….

Traditionally, White in North Indian Weddings was not a colour to be worn on any occasion and neither was allowed as a part of the Bride’s trousseau. This is because white in North Indian colour is considered to be a colour of mourning. Alternatively, white is also associated with grace, purity and innocence (all thanks to Late Mr Yash Chopra). What started a few decades ago in films is now finally trickling down to the wedding altar.
As an Indian Makeup Artist, seeing a bride wearing White on any of her functions has been very refreshing for me. I absolutely love the chikankari work, the gold gota Patti etc being done on a white ensemble. Unfortunately, I’m yet to come across a Bride who wears a full-blown White lehenga at her wedding (hell, I would probably do her makeup complimentary !)

How Can You Include A White Outfit Without Raising Eyebrows At Your Weddings? -

Here are a few pointers that could help you. 
1. Use a bright colour along with your White: if you are wearing a lehenga, you could use a bright colour as a part of your 3-piece outfit. You could opt for a hot pink/yellow/green/orange dupatta and make your white lehenga work. You could always wear your white dupatta at another function. Those ways won’t hurt the sentiments of the elders and you would also be able to fulfil your dream. 
2. Choose a multicolour embroidery/ jewellery: choosing a multicolour embroidery helps you in breaking the “whiteness” of your outfit. You could also use eclectic, multicoloured jewellery to make your outfit more vibrant. 
3. Makeup: Choose brighter lip colours with a white outfit to dazzle up the look. Red lipstick works wonders I feel. 
4. Choose your occasion wisely: many would suggest that instead of wearing a white outfit on the wedding day, choose another occasion like a cocktail function or Mehendi or reception. 
5. Have a Pre-wedding shoot: Everything is allowed in Pre-wedding shoots, so why not use your favourite outfit to get yourself clicked in a pre-wedding shoot? Those ways you will have pictures of a lifetime and believe it or not, keep the eyebrows from getting raised! Haha! 

What kind of Makeup Works With White? -

As a Chandigarh based Makeup Artist, I get clients of different tastes. Some prefer nude makeup and others want to go as bold as possible. I won’t say I like any one of these over the other because I love challenges and I love experiencing. 
With whites, Makeup can be a tricky business and the onus of the final look rests on a Makeup Artist. Usually I look at the jewellery and the embroidery to make up my mind about which direction to go in. I also take into account the personality of my client and her comfort level. I strongly believe that if my client is not comfortable with a look that I  have given her, she won’t look as amazing as she can when she is confident with what I have put on herThat doesn’t mean that I doubt my skills, it only means that I look at the big picture. 
Here are a few pointers – 
1. Keep the time of the function in mind: if it is a morning function, keep the eye makeup slightly soft. Lips can be decided as per comfort level, outfit, ceremony, jewellery etc. 
2. The undertones of the skin: skin has cool or warm undertones and an experienced makeup artist must check and proceed. If you doing your own makeup, make sure that you check the undertone of your skin by checking the colour of your veins or a metal test. Indian skin mostly has a warm undertone so makeup in gold and bronze-tone suits us more than rose gold or copper. 
3. Focus on any one feature at a time: if you are someone who prefers a bright lip then keep your eyes subtle and vice versa. Highlighting both features can kill the serenity of the white outfit so choose your feature and highlight it according to preference. 
Hope all these pointers help you. 
Tanvi KG 
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Deepshikha Bansal
Deepshikha Bansal
3 years ago

Very amazing way to adorn our favourite colour !!! Thanks Tanvi for such nice article

3 years ago

Thank you Tanvi for giving us the confidence to convince elders and flaunt beautiful fairy white to look serene and distinguished….

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