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Airbrush Makeup | What, How, When… ?

Airbrush Makeup

Hi Ladies,

I have been doing Airbrush for almost 9 years now so it’s safe to say that I know a decent amount about it, haha! A lot of Brides ask me about Airbrush Makeup, the do’s and the don’ts and the why & why not’ so here is a quick little info session on Bridal Airbrush Makeup.

Dulhan Makeup Chandigarh
Bridal Airbrush Makeup by Tanvi KG

To understand Airbrush Makeup one has to first grasp what HD  makeup is. So, What is HD Makeup? High Definition Makeup gained popularity mainly because of better cameras, better lenses and HD picture quality gained importance in the fashion world. HD makeup is nothing but makeup done with the help of HD MAKEUP PRODUCTS. HD products are finer texture cosmetics that give you the right coverage because of their fine particles but do not add a dense layer on the skin and make it look pasty.

HD products are sometimes silicone-based, which makes them give the face a smoother look. They are more expensive than other makeup products but worth the investment. Nowadays most of the good makeup brands like MAC, NARS, Bobbi Brown, Cover FX, Smashbox, Stilla, Chanel, Dior, etc make HD makeup only.

SO what’s Airbrush Makeup then? Airbrush makeup is ONE of the ways of applying HIGH DEFINITION makeup or HD Makeup. The main difference is in the way of application. It is done with the help of an airbrush gun. It is fast, hygienic and gives flawless results if done correctly. This trend in makeup is becoming increasingly popular these days because of the finish that it provides. The products used in this makeup are specifically designed for the airbrush gun.

Airbrush Makeup by Tanvi KG
Airbrush Makeup by Tanvi KG

Like any other skill, operating an airbrush comes with practice. Please beware of the makeup artists who claim to do airbrush but only spray a transparent liquid at the end of the makeup with the airbrush gun. It is a long stay makeup and should not crack up after a while. I have heard many women complain about this issue. A good makeup artist knows the proportion of foundation and thinner to be mixed for a good base. If the foundation looks patchy or the face looks cracked then most probably there was an issue with the mixing of the thinner and foundation.

Some foundations these days do not require any thinners. Choose a makeup artist who is trained properly and has been using airbrush frequently. (like someone who is writing this post, LOL)

Airbrush Makeup Tool
Airbrush Tool

With an airbrush, one can apply blusher, eye shadow, lipstick, and even eyeliner. However, to save time in cleaning the airbrush gun, most artists apply the base with it and complete the rest manually.

Myths associated with ‘Airbrush Makeup’:

  1. It suits all the skins.
    NO, airbrush looks best when the skin is free of any issues like pimples, acne marks, etc. and it works well on camouflaging pigmentation and dark circles.
  2. All products can be used.
    Only airbrush specific products are used in the makeup which is the reason why it is expensive than manual makeup.
  3. Airbrush changes the look entirely.
    NO, the makeup artist will change your look, irrespective of the tool he/she uses.
  4. Airbrush looks good only on fair skin.
    NO, it looks good on all shades of skin but the quality of the skin matters a lot in determining the end result.
  5. Airbrush can hide my pimples.
    NO, it is not blended but only sprayed on top of your skin so it might highlight your pimples even more.

Thank you for reading,

Tanvi KG.

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Reply to  Puja Oberoi
7 years ago

Thank you!

Puja Oberoi
Puja Oberoi
7 years ago

Very informative…. Thanks Tanvi…
Your work is amazing… Keep up the good work

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