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Summer Skin for Men and Women

Hey Guys, 
It was just a few days back we were sulking over when winters will end. And now wondering if it is this warm in March, then what is going to be the case in June ?!!! 
Anyhow, I’m here with some super easy and effective summer skin TLC.  It will help you keep the rashes, redness, acne at bay.
Wash your face only 2-3 times a day
  • It is a common myth that washing your face often keeps it fresh. Washing our face more than thrice a day strips away the natural oils from the skin. Thereby making it dry and When the skin becomes dry, the organ will produce even more sebum to replace the lost hydration. Thereby starting a vicious cycle of oily T zone and dry cheeks. 

Solution: spray your face with a gentle face mist. Ex: Clinique Moisture Surge


Apply a water/gel-based Sunscreen
  • A thin water-based sunscreen isn’t very dense but equally effective. And therefore helps you protect your skin from sun damage. A dense sunscreen tends to block the pores and excessive heat and excess sebum never help the cause!

    My recommendation: Kiehl’s water-based sunscreen, Forest Essential’s sunscreen serum, Just Herbs sunscreen for oily/combination skin.

  • Summertime for a lot of us means outings, swimming, beaches, etc. But if you do not cleanse and tone your skin every day, the pores get blocked. Eventually, leading to acne and blackhead issues. A face wash at the end of the day rids you of excess dirt, pollution, and dead skin and shouldn’t be ignored. Apply a light night cream to restore the hydration as well. 

    My recommendation: Clinique overnight recovery night cream, The Body Shop Vitamin E night cream. 

    Apply cooling and soothing Sheet Masks

  • Instead of rubbing ice cubes on your face try these super convenient beauty boosters. Sheet masks, refrigerated for a few hours, are the perfect summer luxury for me. They are available for all skin types, concerns, and fragrances. Apply them once a week. Gift them to the men in your life too. They need pampering as well !!

    My recommendation: Tejas sheet mask Forest Essentials, Innisfree Rice sheet mask. 


Have a superb summer guys.
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Sparsh Goyal
3 years ago

Great article. Thanks for the info !!

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