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macaffeine scrub

macaffeine scrub

Hello Guys,

As Promised guys here is my Product Review of @mcaffeineofficial’s NAKED and RAW Coffee Body Scrub. I’ll give it to you in points.

  • Unpacking– The coffee scrub comes with a very cute wooden spoon (nice touch !!)
  • Quantity – With a hearty portion size of 100 grams, it would last you at least 10-12 times if not more.
  • Price – ₹449/- The price to quantity ratio is superb guys. A body scrub Under ₹50 peruse is awesome.
  • Fragrance – Well… this is where I was transported from my shower cabin to a sensual  Coffee Heaven. The fragrance is the selling point up till this moment and I’m hooked. It is as invigorating as my morning cuppa and if I ever am in a place where I don’t have access to my morning coffee, I’ll be sure to carry this with me.
  • Skin Type – The jar says that the scrub is good for Normal to Oily Skin. Well… in my 16 years as a beauty and makeup consultant, I have not come across a single person that has complained of OILY skin on the BODY. Usually, our body is either dry or normal. So I would like @mcaffeineofficial to definitely consider changing the label to ALL Skin Types.
  • Usage – The minute I took the granules into the palm of my hands I could judge that I am in for a super spa scrub session today, in a good way guys! Do bear in mind that since the granules are rough you don’t need to exert too much pressure to make them work. Scrubbing too vigorously will end up in your skin getting red for sure!
  • After use Feels – I scrubbed myself gently and thoroughly enjoyed it because it made me feel like I’m in a pool of coffee and could feel the granules doing wonders (which they did btw!) My skin felt moisturized and supple after it. The label says to use twice a week but I think once a week usage is sufficient.

Verdict- A great body scrub for ALL skin types. Very effective on minor bumps and rough patches and even knees and elbows.

Try it and let me know if you found my product review genuine. Cheers!

Thank You,

Tanvi KG


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