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Wedding Makeup by Tanvi Kg


Hi people, I am Tanvi KG. A Makeup Artist, Skin and Beauty expert by profession and passion.

Starting my blog today. I shall be discussing skin, beauty, makeup, etiquette and lifestyle tips on my blog. I would also be giving product reviews here.

My interest in this field stated when I was 15 and my mother forcefully got me registered at Shahnaz Husain’s Women’s World International (the only beauty school worth attending in India in 1999). I was a tom boy with short hair, baggy shirts and jeans, I hated the very thought of going there. As time progressed, I developed a fascination for makeup and since then there has been no looking back. I first started with a good skin care regime for myself and people around me will vouch for the change they have seen in me over the years.

During college I worked as a makeup artist with Ashley Lobo’s Danceworx, Salsa India Dance company and other institutions during their stage performances. By the time i finished college (2003) I was a qualified Beautician, makeup artist and expert in skin care treatments.

I started by first Spalon Myra Mabyn in 2004 in Ghaziabad. It was the first of it’s kind beauty salon and wellness centre in the area and gained immense popularity in a very short time. My passion for bridal makeup took a professional turn and I loved nothing more than getting brides ready for their D-Day and the smiles on their faces after they saw themselves in the mirror made my day, this feeling continues till date.

I got trained with Sean Maria Welsh (Ananda Spa fame) in various spa techniques and therapies like hot stone massage and spa facials etc. In 2006, I went for my MBA to Leeds University Business School where I heard the concept of image consultants for the first time. I then realized that image consultancy is exactly what I have been doing since a child. Telling my friends and family what to wear, suggesting them the right accessories with every outfit and doing their makeup is what I loved to do.

I got married in 2008 and worked with many reputed colleges and aviation training institutes and a soft skills and grooming trainer. In 2010, I went to Mumbai to learn Airbrush and HD Makeup at FatMu Academy during my fourth month of pregnancy. My daughter was born in October 2010 after which I took a year long maternity break. In 2012, I did an Advance Hairstyling course from Jawed Habib and launched I.Style Makeovers which provides services like Makeup, Image consultancy, Personal styling and Grooming sessions.

I am a MAC and Kryolan certified professional and have been associated with companies like Kings 11 Punjab, Manchtantra & Haagen Dazs. I travel on locations for makeup and usually do home visits for bridal and other party makeups with my team. Being a perfectionist, I do not leave anything to chance and carry my mobile studio along with every little accessory imaginable. I am a cleanliness freak so one will never find my makeup or brushes unclean and unkept.

In makeup products I am die hard fan of Bobbi Brown, MAC and Kryolan.

This is a brief (yeah right!!) record of my work and life.

Please don’t forget to follow my blog and my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/istylemakeovers
Website: www.TanviKGmakeup.com

Till next time,


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