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Tanvi KG has an experience of 15 years as a Makeup artist. She has started providing Makeup Classes to share her knowledge and experience with aspiring makeup artists of the city.

Makeup is not a tool to make an ugly thing beautiful. It is meant only to magnify the beauty that already exists. Tanvi KG’s makeup Classes provide a lady with the confidence of applying Makeup and feeling confident. The makeup classes are extremely personalized. Therefore the information given to each student benefits her immensely.

The aim is to first understand her client’s style, her lifestyle, her comfort zone, etc. Then provide valuable information to her, keeping in mind all these factors. A generalized makeup class never benefits any woman. Makeup, like clothes, is an extremely individual choice. Therefore the information given by Tanvi KG during the sessions is extremely personalized to suit the need of the client.

The makeup classes usually cover topics like Skin & Haircare, the theory, demonstration of 2 styles of Makeup, a personal shopping consultancy, practice sessions to enhance the skills acquired. Additionally, sessions on Selfie Makeup, Contouring & Highlighting, Smokey Makeup, and other trends are also included on demand. During the classes, students gain valuable insight into what colors suit them, what style suits them. Tanvi KG also gives interesting tips and tricks during the session.

The USP of these makeup classes lies in understanding the comfort zone of the client. After that recommending ONLY what the client needs and would utilize. She also emphasizes greatly on the need for hygiene and the technique of applying makeup. Tanvi KG offers the Makeup classes to people of all age groups.

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5 years ago

[…] Tanvi KG Makeovers is a professional Makeup artist with expertise in Bridal Makeup, Airbrush Bridal Makeup, Editorial Makeup, etc. She has an experience of over 15 years in this field. Tanvi KG shares some important makeup tips for her readers. These makeup tips can be very beneficial for the readers because she is also an expert in skin care. Make sure to follow these Makeup Tips. To learn more about makeup, the readers can contact Tanvi and also join her makeup Classes. […]

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