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My Makeup Style – the journey, the beliefs, the passion

Makeup StyleEvery makeup artist has a makeup philosophy or a makeup style of their own that they develop over time. Some artists like bold makeup while others like to go subtle etc..

Since childhood, I have seen my mother do makeup in the most subtle and natural way while concentrating on “the glow“. So naturally, when I followed my passion for dressing people up and learned professional makeup, despite what my teachers and facilitators did, my personal style started showing in my work.

My Makeup Style

No matter what color I use or what kind of look is expected of me, these were some things I never compromise on:

A. The makeup should suit the Personality.

B. Makeup looks fabulous ONLY when you can SEE the person wearing it and not see a Mask before you see the person.

C. Never try to copy a look just because it looks good on some starlet, but develop your own style.

D. Be open to experiment and move out of your comfort zone. You never know what might look amazing.

E. Makeup does not mean applying layers of products, instead, it means bringing out the girl/lady within and making her look the best she can be.

F. Bridal makeup doesn’t always have to be Golden and Bronze eye shadow with fake Lashes and bright red lipstick. It can be anything that your bride and you decide would look best on the D-day. Have fun trying something different.

These days bridal makeup is the easiest thing to do. The hair is tied under a dupatta, half the face is covered in jewelry and most artists offer a standard color palette so the creativity is almost nil. WHERE IS THE FUN, PASSION, AND ART IN THAT?

Bridal makeup then becomes a mundane job like painting a car. You treat the client just like one more face and not THE FACE! Any true “Artist” would agree with me that the ART is lost. The Artist becomes a professional who does something for money and not for Passion!

Thank You

Tanvi KG

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7 years ago

This is good.

7 years ago

This is really informative post. Best of luck to Chandigarh’s best Indian Make up Artist. Thanks for sharing the information.

7 years ago

This post is really good. Thanks Tanvi KG! You are the best MUA in Chandigarh and tricity. Keep up the good work.

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