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Makeover Classes

We provide Makeover classes for all individuals. Sessions are customized according to the requirements and lifestyle of the clients. These Makeover classes can help you prosper as a makeup artist and get the much required push in your carrier. Tanvi has worked with Meyhar Bhasin Academy, Yuri (Bollywood Actor) and other eminent personalities. She has won many awards for her public speaking during her education in India and abroad and covers topic such as:

  • Confidence Building, Public Speaking
  • Fine Dining Etiquette
  • Body Language and Posture
  • Speech and Diction
  • Sense of style and Accessorizing
  • Wardrobe Management
  • Skin and Hair care
  • The Art of Makeup
  • Smokey eyes and Selfie Makeup- NEW

Makeover Classes by Tanvi KG Makeovers

Tanvi provides personal shopping services for cosmetics, clothes and accessories. They are usually combined with the makeover sessions for maximum benefits.

A girl should be two things…Classy and Fabulous! – Coco Chanel
A boy should be three things – Classy, Fabulous and WELL BEHAVED… – Tanvi KG

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