Tanvi KG – Best Bridal Makeup Artist India

IStyle Makeovers Calendar Launch 2017

IStyle Makeovers Calendar Launch Event on Wednesday, 18 January 2017 @ The Toy Hotel(Back Room), Sector 34, Chandigarh, INDIA






Some clicks of the celebrities who attended the event:

Tanvi’s belief that every woman is Unique and beautiful comes to life in the form of the ISTYLE CALENDAR 2017. The thing that sets this calendar apart is that the models for this Calendar are REAL WOMEN from different areas and professions. Tanvi has tried to show her talent and versatility by making these talented women look as glamorous and stunning as supermodels. The models are between 22-60 years old in strikingly different looks. These looks have been drawn mainly from the model’s professional and personal lives. Through this Calendar, Tanvi aims to show that EVERY WOMAN IS BEAUTIFUL IN HER OWN WAY! Things like skin colour, waist size, age and wealth have nothing to do with a woman’s natural beauty. REAL BEAUTY LIES IN KNOWING AND LOVING YOURSELF AND ACCEPTING YOURSELF FOR WHO YOU ARE!

The calendar launch aims to celebrate REAL Beauty which every woman is blessed with, but sometimes gets lost in their daily chores, expectations of society, family, career etc. The photographs shot for the calendar are beautifully captured by Brahm I. Singh who has trained in photography from Boston. Each photograph is a result of hours of planning and coordinating. The end result of which is a stunning piece of art.

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