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What is HD​ MAKEUP​ or High Definition Makeup?


High definition makeup came into existence because of the increasing demands of film and television makeup. With increasing clarity of the screens and high resolution cameras it was becoming difficult to make the skin look natural, healthy and youthful. Many professional makeup companies have now come up with products that are suited for such demanding fields. High Definition makeup is essentially the makeup done with the use of High Definition products. However, that is not the only aspect of HD makeup. HD makeup is also a technique of applying makeup. Just my using HD cosmetics one can’t call themselves HD makeup artist. Using the right product in terms of quantity and shade is extremely important because HD cameras are extremely unforgiving.

What differentiates HD makeup products from other non HD makeup products is the use of certain ingredients like Silicon. Silicon is an important ingredient in HD makeup because if has the ability to fill in the lines and pores without making it look very caked. HD makeup products are very colour true and even a little product goes a long way. HD powders are very fine in texture and help in achieving smooth skin and matte effect which is essential for film and TV. The eye shadows and pigments for eye makeup also come in HD or non HD. The HD pigments and shadows are usually very fine as compared to the non HD eye shadows. This makes them great to blend and give artistic effects with. Airbrush is one of the techniques of HD makeup.

HD products have filtered down from Professional film and TV makeup to almost all retail stores. I would recommend HD makeup to people who are familiar with makeup and use it regularly because HD usually tends to set fast on the skin, leaving little scope for blending and correction. Therefore, it is essential to have proper knowledge about each product that one uses.

To sum it up, High definition makeup required both, HD products and the right technique.

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7 years ago

This is very useful. Keep posting such a great stuff. Thanks Tanvi.

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