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Choosing the Right Foundation!

FoundationHello All, as a makeup artist and trainer, this is one question that I am asked the maximum, “How to choose the right kind of foundation?” Most women I meet during my makeup workshops and other events tell me that “foundation doesn’t suit me” and what I tell them is simple. Foundation is like jeans…there is just ONE perfect fit for every body type and personality, you just have to have the patience to try different ones and find the one that is perfect for you 🙂 Women feel that foundation is like a zodiac sign…there are a few types for billions of people…Well, earlier this was certainly the case but not anymore. So how do you get to choose the right foundation? Here are a few things to consider.

Matte foundations

Skin Type- Foundations are available in many different formulas. Choose the one that is right for your skin type. The drier the formula the better it is for oily skin and the creamier it is, the better it is for dry skin. A mousse or whipped foundation is best for combination skin.

Coverage- Foundation can provide light, medium or heavy coverage depending on their texture. The lighter or watery it is the lesser the amount of coverage generally. Tinted moisturizers, for example, give you light coverage and pan-stick one mostly gives heavy coverage. Powder foundations or whipped mousse ones give you medium to heavy coverage.


Age- one should always consider their age when investing in a foundation because if you buy the wrong consistency you tend to look either washed out of too caked up. For girls in their late teens, I suggest something that has light coverage to make them appear natural. For someone in their later 20’s and 30’s, I would recommend mousse or any formulation that gives medium converge. This is actually the only age where a heavy coverage foundation can be used. For middle-aged or mature women I would recommend foundations that are again light and slightly creamy because your skin tends to get drier as your age and one should use a foundation that increases the moisture level of the skin without giving it a very heavy coverage especially around the eyes.

Profession- if you are in a profession that requires you to look fresh at all times for instance- PR executives, journalists, TV personalities you should buy a medium to heavy coverage, long-wear foundation as it will absorb excess oil on the face and make it appear matte and fresh for longer. For someone who needs to appear more natural for example- teachers, trainers, chefs, etc one can choose the one that is light and gives a natural glow on the face.

these are some of the most important factors one needs to keep in mind when choosing the right foundation. Hope it helps 🙂

have a Fab day ladies!!

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