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Hi Lovelies,

Celebrity Weddings Decoded by Tanvi KG Makeovers. This Bridal Season has been very exciting for all of us. Mostly because we have so many celebrity inspirations for the wedding ought, wedding jewelry, the overall styling of the wedding, grooms wear and whatnot. Anushka, Sonam, Deepika, Priyanka & now Isha Ambani have given us a lot of wedding goals and also a lot of confusion lol. 

While Anushka chose a very delicate and pastel look for herself, Sonam, Deepika and Priyanka went all colorful on their D day. 

I would like to share my favorite wedding looks from all 4 of these Brides and how we can incorporate some of the ideas without the quintessential Sabyasachi Lehenga and ginormous necklaces and jhumkis.

While Anushka chose a very delicate and pastel look for herself, Sonam, Deepika and Priyanka went all colorful on their D day. 

I would like to share my favorite wedding looks from all 4 of these Brides and how we can incorporate some of the ideas without the quintessential Sabyasachi Lehenga and ginormous necklaces and jhumkis.

Celebrity Wedding decoded: Mehendi and Haldi Functions

While Anushka and Priyanka weren’t the expected route of bright and colorful outfits, Deepika went for a muted pink lehengas for her Mehendi. Sonam broke the stereotype by opting for a stunning White and Gold Lehenga.

Anushka Sharma

A perfect look for Simpletons, hassle-free, functional as well as bright and cheerful. 7/10

Deepika Padukone

Too much going on with the nude pink outfit, heavy jewelry, red shawl/stole. It’s a great look if you want to sit pretty but not if you want to dance and mingle with your guests. 6/10

Ranveer & Deepika: Celebrity wedding decoded

Sonam Kapoor

Different, Elegant with a touch of chic with the amazing choli back, A great way to rock white at a wedding. Perfect for the Classes Bride. 8/10

Sonam & Anand: Celebrity wedding decoded

Priyanka Chopra

Loved the silhouette of her outfit. Fun, whimsical, great for girls who want to hit the dance floor. 9/10

Priyanka Chopra wedding

Celebrity Wedding Decoded: Wedding Day

All these breathtaking Brides taught us a whole lot when it came to their Bridal look. The common factor among all of them was Sabyasachi. It does tell us that when it comes to Indian Bridal Wear, Sabyasachi is considered the undisputed king. Except for Sonam Kapoor, all others chose Sabya for their wedding day, albeit in completely different styles. 

Anushka Sharma

Anushka was seen in a gorgeous nude pink lehenga in this beautiful English wedding style decor which complimented the entire look completely. She has become somewhat of a trendsetter in Pastel Bridal Lehengas. I do feel that her “No Makeup Makeup” went a little south. This look is perfect for Brides who like pastels and prefer minimalism in makeup. 8/10

Virat & Anushka Wedding

Deepika Padukone

Deepika as expected was seen in full Bridal Glory in a lavish Indian red ensemble. She not only rocked the look but also gave us major Grand Indian wedding goals. What I loved about her was that the outfit wasn’t full of embroidery and the RED of the outfit is making her look ethereal. This look is perfect for Brides who want to go all out and look traditional on the big day. 9/10

Ranveer deepika Wedding

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam, the only one who didn’t go to the Sabyasachi store for her wedding lehenga. Lol! Sonam wore a gorgeous Anuradha Vakil Outfit which complimented her beautifully. The red lotus embroidered lehenga was a show stopper! This loos is perfect for Brides who like to blend traditional and modern together. 9/10

Sonam Kapoor wedding

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka, Honestly I think she looked better in her Christian wedding. She is normally a very fashion-forward personality but somehow her wedding outfit didn’t bring out the best in her. The all-red Sabyasachi lehenga was stunning but probably we expected something more from her. Her style was neither here nor there. 6/10

Nick & Priyanka wedding

Celebrity Wedding Decoded: Reception/ Post Wedding Party

While most of these celebrities had 1 post-wedding function, Deepika and Ranveer had countless.. one for every Indian state probably lol!

Virat & Anushka

Anushka and Virat hosted 2 reception parties. In one of the functions, she chose a traditional red saree and jewelry that looked identical to Sabyasachi’s Instagram posts with nothing different or talk worthy. In the Second Reception, she wore a Grey/beige lehenga (again from Sabyasachi) and looked refreshingly different because of the color choice. 7/10

Virat & Anushka wedding decoded
Anushka & Virat wedding Reception

Ranveer & Deepika

Deepika and Ranveer have many parties post their wedding but the one that stood out for me was the one in which she wore a red evening gown with a long Slit, she later took off her heels and tulle skirt and turned her ultra-glam outfit into a mai dress with white sneakers. That to me was the super collect reception outfit. Her other look: like the Gold Saree with statement jewelry suited her well and she carried the saree with a lot of grace.

Her white Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla reception outfit with never-ending long earrings was a big downer. She looked drab and boring. The Other reception in which she wore ANOTHER Sabyasachi Freda Kahlo Lehenga was extremely surprising to me because that Lehenga has been seen by the world like 3 months back so why would a huge superstar wear something that has been done and dusted in the fashion world? I must applaud Ranveer for the super chic outfit on that reception though. 6/10

Celebrity wedding reception
Deepika Ranveer Reception
Deepika Ranveer's wedding decoded

Anand & Sonam

Sonam chose a subtle and modern Anamika Khanna for her reception look which was in sync with her experimental personality but I feel she could have done better. The outfit was stunning but not at par with her status of India’s only Fashion Icon. 7/10

Anand & Sonam's wedding decoded

Nick & Priyanka

Priyanka wore a stunning white lehenga by Falguni and Shane Peacock for her reception in Delhi and looked every bit as classy as she should. I loved how she paired the Gajra with her outfit and lent it a beautiful Indian look. Totally dug the look! 9/10

Nick & Priyanka wedding decoded

So girls here is a breakdown of ALL the wedding looks that we loved and hated this season. My suggestion would be to chose your look according to your style, personality and comfort level, just like these stunning women did. Take inspiration for sure but do not forget yourself in this process. 
God bless you! Looking forward to creating some more fabulous IStyle Brides this season.

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